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Featured above is Huck's Rocket Boot Hero one of my all time favorites, I laugh out loud every time I play it! Released back in 2006, it was inspired by the retro classic game H.E.R.O. This game takes it to an outlandish level with parallax scrolling backgrounds, one liners and crudeness that will have you busting at the seams. Interestingly enough, this game was a combination of hand drawn sprites and images shot with a digital camera.

Below is my complete homebrew Windows PC collection of 2D and anaglyph 3D retro style mini games which were originally created for my now abandoned H+Soft Arcade project. Created with BlitzBasic and BlitzMax under my old indie name H+Soft Retro Arcade Entertainment. These games quite some time ago were recompiled for individual play and download. Currently, there is a total of 37 games to play. Perhaps one day I'll make more... Enjoy!


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Astro-Blaster 3D Extreme

Astro-Blaster 3D


Bi-Plane Battle Color


Crossfire '07: Desert Raid

Corsair Rage

CPU Virus Force 3D

Dimension Man 2010

Deep Space


Halloween Havoc

Hologram Blast-a-Pede

Hologram Lazer Blasterz

Retro Invaderz 3D

Jack-o's Revenge

Jack-o's Revenge Breakout

Jack-o's Revenge Egypt

Jack-o's Revenge Pinball

Kaboom! PC Remake

Major Havok

Moon Raid 3D

Pencil Bi-Plane Battle

Pirate Pop!

Probe: Toxic Crisis

Probe: Volcanic Panic

Diamond Mountain Miner

Reject Turkey Factory 3D

Rocket Boot Santa

Techno Space Bees

Techno Space Bees 3D

Thunder Cloud Game


RC VersaHeli

Space Bees: Word Attack

Xmas Havoc 3D



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