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Welcome to the HsRetroGames homebrew landing page of the vintage Atari 2600 video game console! Who had one of these when they were little? I remember having one in grade school and played it endlessly on a black and white TV I had gotten for Christmas. I'd have to say the Activision and Imagic games were among my favorite. Game titles such as Kaboom!, Pitfall and Atlantis to name a few. Nonetheless, what a great system to experiment with some retro homebrew game coding right? I mean, this system's architecture is well.. just weird. Anyway, as I experiment in 6502, coding some mini games for the Atari should prove to be a fun adventure. ;)




Coming Soon! - Kamikaze UFO's


Above is your typical Atari arcade type shooter mini game I've been coding with Visual BatariBasic or VisualBB by it's other name. If you've got some programming experience in Basic then you should give it a try. Make some of your own weird little Atari Games!

You are a robot with a cannon for an arm which looks more like a club or a nightstick, or something. Atari games were notorious for looking weird weren't they? Anyhow, you're stationed at a.. I guess a colony on the moon and you must defend it from an onslaught of suicidal (kamikaze) UFO's that attempt to destroy it by diving straight down! I haven't quite decided on what to do with this game's theme or background yet. The original concept I had on paper was a city skyline. I guess only time will tell -  Cheers! :)


:( Sorry, No Download Yet.. Check back soon ;)





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