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Play all 37 of the H+Soft (HsRetroGames) original retro style, anaglyph 3D and mini games in one convenient download! To select and play games use your mouse, keyboard or game pad controller. You can download and play the games individually - HERE.

Yes, H+Soft Arcade is still available for download, since I have more or less abandoned this project several years ago. You can download it below with all 37 H+Soft Games and custom themes already installed. The download is large, about 160 MB. It's listed still on several portals and download sites worldwide and is freeware. H+Soft Arcade (to my knowledge) seems to run best on PC's with Windows XP, Direct X 7.0+ or better (newer versions of Windows you may have to run as administrator or right click the app and click 'troubleshoot compatibility' for them to run) - Enjoy! :)

Note: Certain early or original functions in H+Soft Arcade are no longer available, such as links to website info pages and the original deleting and downloading of games for the software is no longer necessary or supported. If you delete a game from the index you will have to download the entire software again.




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