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:: Bi-Plane Battle 2D-3D ::

This game is a full color port of my previous H+Soft Arcade PC shooter 'Pencil Bi-Plane Battle'. Much like it's pencil paper counterpart, it features fast paced scrolling game play, color hand-drawn/digital sprites and a recessed anaglyph 3D background giving the original game more depth. To learn more about the game play of this mini shoot 'em up - Click Here.


:: About This Game ::

Genre: Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up 3D

Version: 1.3

Coded With: BlitzMax

File Size: 1.7

Released: Spring, 2010

Last Updated: June 21, 2014

Update Info: Recompiled for individual use

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher

:: How To Play ::

Use your keyboard or game pad to control the plane. Use the cursor/arrow keys or d-pad/analog to move. Tap Left CTRL/Button 1/A to fire. Press Space to pause the game and ESC to quit at anytime. The aim of the game is to hunt down and shoot all the enemy planes an each stage while not shooting or colliding with the hot air balloons - Have Fun!

The game download below is a zipped archive. This makes it easy to delete when you are done with the software. Once downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded the file. Right click and select 'Extract All' to unzip the archive. Open the unzipped folder and click the app icon to run the game. If you get a warning message and the game won't run, right click the app and click 'Troubleshoot Compatibility', then tinker with the different settings - Enjoy!

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