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Welcome to the HsRetroGames homebrew landing page of the grand old Commodore 64! Back in the 80's this home computer took the world by storm, and still holds the record of the highest selling home computer of all time. So that's why hobby homebrew devs such as myself love to make games for it, and believe me there are tons of them out there! Now a days you don't necessarily need an actual C64 to run these games, especially with all the emulation devices out there. Such as, the C-64 Mini and all those retro handhelds on the market. Search for them there's a lot of games and fun to be had! Nonetheless, as I make games for this system they will appear on this page below..




Coming Soon! - Lilly Redface


Above is a machine coded (6502 assembly) game I have been working on using CBMprgStudio. This project has been somewhat of a long haul, as I have been creating a C-64 mini game framework along the way. I may possibly (for free) distribute this 'simple' framework/starter for others to modify and/or create their own C-64 games in 6502 Assembly using CBMprgStudio.

Lilly Redface is a top-down action/arcade mini game about a young girl named Lilly. Who unfortunately, has severely sunburned her face while swimming in the pool. Zaya, her evil older brother has stolen her prized aloe plant and sits atop a tree branch sadistically throwing aloe leaves for Lilly to fetch for her burning face! If that's not enough, he has also angered a nest of vicious hornets who relentlessly pursue Lilly as she runs about the yard. Lilly can jump into the pool to temporarily slow the burn and repel the angry hornets. If she fails to collect an aloe leaf before the Burn-o-Meter maxes out or gets stung by a hornet - It's game over!


:( Sorry, No Download Yet.. Check back soon ;)





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