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:: Deep Space ::

Oh how I do remember this game.. I made this way back in 2003 as my first BlitzBasic project. Wow, where does all the time go? It's now 2020, making this game 17 years old - Holy buckets! For quite some time before, I had been coding simple games in turbo C/C++ and x86 assembly. Then one day in a local book store, I happened to stumble upon a BlitzBasic programming book complete with disks! I read the book and toyed with the samples, it's simple IDE and thought, wow this is so much easier! So hence, this started a long trek of PC game development with the Blitz languages. So I think, Hmm.. what kind of game shall I make first? Yup, a space shooter! So hence, Deep Space was born! So now lets get to the story of the game shall we? You are on patrol in the far reaches of space when.. Suddenly, you are attacked by weird skull faced aliens on rocket scooters - AKA The Skulloids! Now it's time for survival against relentless waves of these aliens and worst of all, crazy random meteor showers! Shoot the skulloid saucers for power-ups such as energy boosts, extra cannon shots and smart bombs! You can use your ship's shields when in hairy situations, but remember this also drains your ships energy. If your ship's energy completely depletes, you will explode and lost to deep space forever...


:: About This Game ::

Genre: Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up

Version: 1.10

Coded With: BlitzBasic

File Size: 17.5 MB

Released: Spring, 2003

Last Updated: May 3, 2020

Update Info: Recompiled for individual use and increased performance

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher

:: How To Play ::

Use your mouse, keyboard or game pad to control your ship. Tap Left Mouse Button or Left CTRL/Button 1/A to fire and Left Mouse Button or Left ALT/Button 2/B to use your shields. Press Space to pause the game and ESC to quit at anytime. The aim of the game is to shoot, shoot, shoot, blast those endless waves of skulloids! Shoot the skulloid saucer formations to earn some nifty power-ups - Have Fun!

The game download below is a zipped archive. This makes it easy to delete when you are done with the software. Once downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded the file. Right click and select 'Extract All' to unzip the archive. Open the unzipped folder and click the app icon to run the game. If you get a warning message and the game won't run, right click the app and click 'Troubleshoot Compatibility', then tinker with the different settings - Enjoy!

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