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Featured above is Wood Room Escape 2, a new release for Android! This game sequels Wood Room Escape completing the 'would be' ghost story of the girl of the haunted loft. The Wood Room games are a casual horror themed room escape type game. This sequel far exceeds the first game in psychological creepiness and features two final endings. Be sure to play the first installment: Wood Room Escape before attempting this game, as it takes place exactly where the first game leaves off.

Below is my complete (soon to be) homebrew Android collection of retro remakes, pixel mini games and unique escape games. Including my 'would-be' signature escape game series 'Comix Escape'. Currently, there is a total of 31 games to play. Perhaps every now and then I may create or even finish some of my old abandoned game projects... Enjoy!


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Escape: Abduction

Pixel Boulder Bomber

Escape: Buried Alive

Comix Escape I

Comix Escape II

Comix Escape III

Comix Escape IV

Comix Escape V

Comix Escape VI

Comix Escape VII

Comix Escape VIII

Comix Escape IX

Comix Escape X

Comix Escape XI

Comix Escape XII

Comix Escape XIII

Comix Escape XIV

Escape: Corridors

Pixel HA-Z Cannon

Escape: Iron Cage

Kaboom! Classic

Escape: Trick or Treat

Escape: Random Doors

Rocket Boot Santa Turbo

Flappy Rubber Chicken

Thunder Cloud: The Game

Escape: Vacant Room

Escape: Wood Room

Escape: Wood Room 2

Xcape Apocalypse: Day 1

Xcape Apocalypse: Day 2





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