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:: Versabot ::

Ah, good 'ol Versabot.. Another one of my favs. I remember quite fondly of playing this game with my kids when they were little. My son was the best to watch, as he would always program his bot wrong and get so mad - It was hilarious! The object of this game is to program your bot to reach it's charge pad before your opponent reaches theirs. Each round you are dealt a random set of prom chips for your bot, you must choose at least one. While programming your bot you must compensate for barriers, pits, trap doors, rollers, conveyors, lasers and more. Some of these objects update every round and some every other round, so watch the pattern or meet your demise! Rollers will move you one more space in the direction last moved. Conveyors (arrow tiles) will move you one space in the direction its pointing. Versabot also features a board editor for you to create your own crazy boards! Whether you and friend want to create your own challenges, or maybe you just want to go solo and practice. An old friend of mine came up with the idea and design for the game, in which he created 98% of the graphics and sprites. Not knowing at the time, supposedly there was an actual board game similar to this concept. I can not recall the name however.. Perhaps it was the inspiration for this game.


:: About This Game ::

Genre: Board, Casual

Version: 1.7

File Size: 3.2 MB

Coded With: BlitzMax

Released: Summer, 2009

Last Updated: April 19, 2020

Update Info: Patched missing graphics, black screen errors

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher

:: How To Play ::

This is a point and click game and it is best played with a mouse, touchpad or touch screen if your PC supports it. Press Space to pause the game and ESC to quit at anytime. On your turn, click on the random proms for your bot from top to bottom. This is the running order of the program for your bot. Once finished selecting proms, click 'Run Proms' to execute your bot's program - Have Fun and Good Luck!

The game download below is a zipped archive. This makes it easy to delete when you are done with the software. Once downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded the file. Right click and select 'Extract All' to unzip the archive. Open the unzipped folder and click the app icon to run the game. If you get a warning message and the game won't run, right click the app and click 'Troubleshoot Compatibility', then tinker with the different settings - Enjoy!

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