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:: Dimension Man 2010 ::

Hmm, what do I say about this game.. Well, here it goes.. You are about to become the D-Man. An ordinary guy who finds a suspicious remote control on his door step. You pick it up and press the button.. And flash! A blinding light and the remote explodes, transporting you to a strange parallel dimension of time and space! You start running to find a way out, only to find this place is cursed and you cannot stop! Resembling a random dungeon, you must collect the pieces of the remote while avoiding walls, bottomless pits and perilous traps (pressure plates). Oddly enough, there's booze bottles everywhere! Collect these to crash through walls unharmed. Collect glass plates to freely run over those bottomless pits. On a rare occasion you may find a magnet, grab it to automatically collect the remote pieces! This game was actually a remake of one of my early games called 'D-Man'. It was written in basic for the C64 back in 1989 using a custom character set. I probably still have it on a 5.25 floppy somewhere in my old C64 stuff. Perhaps one day I will remake this concept again for another retro console.. Atari 2600 maybe?


:: About This Game ::

Genre: Arcade, Dash

Version: 1.4

Coded With: BlitzMax

File Size: 2.9 MB

Released: Spring, 2010

Last Updated: June 21, 2014

Update Info: Recompiled for individual use

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher

:: How To Play ::

Use your keyboard or game pad to control the D-Man. Use the cursor/arrow keys or d-pad/analog to move. Tap Left CTRL/Button 1/A to press the remote button (when pieces are collected). Press Space to pause the game and ESC to quit at anytime. The aim of the game is to collect all the remote pieces in each realm, then pressing the button.. Hoping you will return back to your home dimension - Have Fun!

The game download below is a zipped archive. This makes it easy to delete when you are done with the software. Once downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded the file. Right click and select 'Extract All' to unzip the archive. Open the unzipped folder and click the app icon to run the game. If you get a warning message and the game won't run, right click the app and click 'Troubleshoot Compatibility', then tinker with the different settings - Enjoy!

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