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Welcome to my underground lair! Your indie homebrew source for all games by HsRetroGames! Specializing in pixel retro games, mini games and several other unique games for Commodore 64, Android OS, Windows PC and hopefully soon, Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis, Flash, and more! So take a look around and download some great FREE games! Stay informed of new stuff by following HsRetroGames on social media and YouTube. Thanks for Stopping By!


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Wood Room Escape 2 Released for Android!

Posted: April 4, 2020

Wood Room Escape 2 for Android OS is available for download exclusive on HsRetroGames.com! - Not GooglePlay or any of it's affiliated app stores! Play part 2 - The dark long awaited sequel to Wood Room Escape, is the story of the Wood Room finally complete?

Big Changes On The Way!

Posted: April 4, 2020

As you can plainly see, HsRetroGames.com is under construction... This large process could take several weeks. As I will be delving HsRetroGames more and more into the retro underground as indie homebrew games - As HsRetroGames was to be originally intended. Detailed info pages will be published for ALL existing FREE Android and PC games. As this long process progresses, many Android games will most likely be removed from GooglePlay and it's affiliate sites. I will no longer be updating them or conforming simple games to high end app requirements and policies. I want to devote my time to making games, not updating them every 1-2 months. Android games will be recompiled ads free and excusive to download on this site as homebrew games. So what does that mean? It means as-is software to download and play at your own risk with a simple Terms of Use - But nonetheless, you will always have current or updated de-bugged versions here if need be. On the flipside, over the last few months I have been working in 6502 assembly coding for the C64. I am nearly done with my first couple of games as well as a mini game framework - Which I may decide distribute. This will also (hopefully) open some doors for NES development in the future. in the meantime, I'll be working on this site, game updates and new games for your Commodore 64! Please stay well, be patient and check back often! - Cheers! :)

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:: Free Games for Android ::

Escape: Wood Room 2

Kaboom! Classic

Escape: Corridors

Comix Escape XI

Escape: Iron Cage

Escape: Vacant Room

Flappy Rubber Chicken

Escape: Wood Room

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:: Free Games for Windows PC ::

Huck's Rocket Boot Hero

Jack-o's Revenge



Crossfire '07: Desert Raid

Dimension Man 2010

Halloween Havoc

Rocket Boot Santa

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