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Welcome to my underground lair! Your indie homebrew source for all games by HsRetroGames! Specializing in retro remakes, retro pixel games, mini games and several other unique games for Atari 2600, Android OS, Commodore 64 and Windows PC. So take a look around and download some great FREE games! Stay informed of new stuff by following HsRetroGames on social media and YouTube. Thanks for Stopping By!



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Whew! That Took Forever and a Day..

Posted: October 10, 2020

Finally!! ALL Android game updates are complete! You can browse them all (links direct you to Google Play) on both the Desktop Page and the Mobile Page if on your Android device. Updates include: 64-bit compliance requirements, and other various run-time updates.

I'm baaack.. Did You Miss Me?

Posted: September 5, 2020

I'm back after taking a much needed three month break, which gave me some time to sort some things out. Over the last three weeks or so I've been updating all my Android games. Yes, yes, I know, I get frustrated and make hasty decisions. But after a long process, I'm nearly done updating all of them! Just have to finish up the rest of the Comix Escape series and I'm done! So, I will continue to work on this site also. I have a few more PC game pages to edit and that will be done. Android games page has changed, games will link to Google Play for info and downloads, instead of publishing 31 new game pages. I have also kept the Android Mobile Games Page HERE, as those games still link to it for more games. Here and there I'm still working on some retro homebrew stuff in between. I'm nearly done with a new game for both the Commodore 64 and  the Atari 2600! Not releasing any names yet. So keep checking back, refreshing browser and watching for some wonderful new stuff - Cheers! :D

Wood Room Escape 2 Released On Google Play!

Posted: April 4, 2020  (Updated: September 5, 2020)

Wood Room Escape 2 for Android OS is available for download on Google Play! Play part 2 - The dark long awaited sequel to Wood Room Escape part 1! This game sequels Wood Room Escape completing the 'would be' ghost story of the girl in the haunted loft.. Read More >>

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NEW! - Wood Room 2

Escape: Wood Room

Kaboom! Classic

Escape: Corridors

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Huck's Rocket Boot Hero

Jack-o's Revenge


Halloween Havoc

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